Yesterday, a court in Botswana ruled that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert will not be allowed access to a vital waterhole or to dig a new one. This is so a diamond source, discovered by De Beers in the 1980s, but, since 2003, owned by Gem Diamonds, can be mined. The Bushmen were moved from the reserve in the eighties after the discovery of the diamonds, but in 2006 won the right to return to their land. The Botswanan government has, however, made it impossible for the San Bushmen to live in the Kalahari. The closure of the waterhole means that the Bushmen are forced to walk 40km for water (a near impossible task when considering the fact that the bushmen have to take their livestock with them) or depend on rainwater or melons. The court ruling would be inhumane in its own right, but given that, according to RBC Capital Markets, the diamond source is unlikely to even be profitable it crosses the line into absolute absurdity.