This blog was started in the wake of the Toronto G20 Summit protests and is named for the 629 Eastern Avenue Detention Centre where over 1,000 civilians were detained in the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. The vast majority of the arrestees were peaceful protesters, but also included journalists and innocent bystanders. The actions of both the police and the government during the summit constitute one of the most significant breaches of civil liberties in Canadian history. While what happened during the Toronto G20 pales in comparison to many of the constant and systemic human rights abuses endured all over the world, it would be a mistake to see the events that unfolded in Toronto as concerning only Canadians. The exploitation of people’s fears to justify human rights violations is a daily occurrence for millions throughout the world. As such, the purpose of this blog is to bring to light human rights and social justice issues not just in Canada, but around the world.


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