There’s a petition over at to get police in NYC, DC, and San Francisco to stop using condoms as evidence for prostitution. Obviously, most people are not at risk of being charged with prostitution if they’re caught with a couple condoms, but given that all three of these cities have HIV/AIDS rates above the national average, discouraging sex workers from using condoms is just plain stupid.


White man on shooting African Americans during Katrina: “It was great!  It was like pheasant season in South Dakota!”

What the fuck?

[Update:] The media also played a part in this. As one vigilante notes here, he heard on the news that people were looting and decided to start piling up on ammunition and guns to defend himself. By simply portraying the looters as ruthless thugs and not as people who actually needed food and supplies to survive, the media stoked an already dangerous situation and dehumanized those who needed help the most, leading many people in the city to feel justified to start shooting at the first black person they saw in the street.